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Tuesday, 28 October 2008

A lot has happened!

Well, I have been gone a while, but now I am back :D Where have I been? First, I quit my job...then I left the smelly boys....then I moved to Nottingham! (Don't worry, I have brought the duct tape with me!) I also cut my hair and got a new job! Busy little me!I have been making a few new wallets, which you can see in my etsy shop and also my folksy shop. Keep checking back though, as I will be adding more for christmas!

I was tagged recently, by ChloesDesigns. She makes some really bright and awesome stuffs! Take a look at her etsy shop!

Thats all for now folks!

4 comment(s):

Sisily Love said...

Hey you, how have you been, you sound like you have been a very busy busy bee! Lots of changes, but it all sounds good! I was wondering if you could make me a wallet for my brother for xmas? Like the dixie land one, if I give you the words to put on it? Anyway, ill try mailing you through etsy as you may see that first! Jo xxx (aka lion skirt lady x)

KMCdesigns said...

Hi Jo!
Yes I have been busy! Just give me a shout over etsy & I'll get that wallet done for you ;)
Hope you are well!
Mel xx

Amber Dawn said...

oh to have the feedom to quit my job, relocate and get a new "do". Sounds lovely. Hope everything works out great for you!

KMCdesigns said...

Thank you Amber :)