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Friday, 21 March 2008

You can't leave him alone...

I popped round to my parents house on the way home from work yesterday. I put Wally down in the shed for 2 minutes while I collected my post and a DVD. I came back to find this;
It seemed Wally had made some friends. Fair enough. Then I realised I had forgotten to get the DVD, so off I went. Then, Wally did this;
I was at first a bit worried that he had managed to do all of this by himself, but then I realised that he might be trying to tell me something. So, I looked for clues.

Paint and varnish remover?? But Wally had only covered himself in paint....hmmmmI realised that he wanted to test the paint & varnish remover by covering himself in paint and varnish! Poor little Wall couldn't reach the varnish, so I got it for him.
Wally was so excited by this point, I had to paint the varnish onto him and he wouldn't keep still. Finally, it was finished, Wally was happy and posed for a quick photo;
Aww, look how happy he is!! I've told him that we will have to wait a few days to make sure the paint and varnish is completely dry before removing it with the paint and varnish remover.

He is a little worried that the remover might sting a little, but I've told him that he's a big wallet now and he can't be acting like a baby! He might need some encouragement.

6 comment(s):

Janet said...


Jennifer Rose said...

Go Wally! (but be careful around fire!)

Siansburys said...

i know how much that's gonna hurt
please don't let it get in his eye

KMCdesigns said...

Wally is very grateful for all the support :)
Sian, don't worry, the paint & varnish is only on his back :)

KiTTYPiNKSTaRS said...

Woah! Scary! I'm holding my breath..waiting to see what happens to the little guy! He should write a book of his adventures!!!

Helen said...

Ouch! Sounds a big painful - hope wally gets through it intact!