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Thursday, 20 March 2008

It's so dull outside

It's pouring down today, it's grey and miserable and to top it all off, I've woke up with a killer migraine. So, to brighten up everyones day, I'll introduce my newest item. This is the first time clear duct tape has made an appearance in my shop, probably because it is so hard to photograph! This cute little purse has 34 tiny little buttons encased between 2 layers of clear duct tape. It's just so cute! I was very tempted to keep it for myself but then my other wallet would get upset, and we don't want that. The 'button me up' purse is available in my etsy store and you can buy it by clicking here. Thanks for looking peeps :)

4 comment(s):

nicoleleeartistry said...

Purses and wallets made from duct tape...who'd of thought? You have such adorable designs! This pink wallet is great and it definitley brightened my day! :)

KMCdesigns said...

Thanks Nicole :D Glad it brightened up your day!

hippyofdoom said...

This is most definitely my favourite of all your amazing wallets! So pretty :D

Buy more buttons!

KMCdesigns said...

Hippy, don't tempt me!