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Saturday, 1 March 2008

How do I get 3 columns in my blog?

Having 3 columns is awesome and I couldn't live without it. Not for a second! I found this awesome bit of code, simply copied & pasted it into my blog and as if by magic, I had 3 columns.

Now, before you do anything else, log into your blog, click Customise > Layout > Edit HTML. Now what you need to do is click on 'Download Full Template' and save your current template to your pc. You can also copy and paste all of the code into a notepad document. But don't use Word. Keep this template safe in case all goes wrong :(

Now, you have 2 options.

Option 1; You can click on this link and copy & paste all of the code into your blog 3 column code Make sure you have deleted all of your original code first. Then, click 'Preview'. Any good? If you are over the moon with that, great, click save and you are done :D

Option 2; Leave you current code as it is, and scroll down until you find a bit that looks like this;

----------------------------------------------- */
#outer-wrapper {
width: 78%;
margin-top: 15px;
margin-left: auto !important;
margin-right: auto !important;
font: $bodyfont;

Click on the link 3 column code and scroll down until you see this bit in the code;
Copy from 'Outer-Wrapper' down to just above 'Headings' and paste it into your blog replacing the original 'Outer-Wrapper' section. Now, click preview and see what it looks like. If you keep getting errors, try using option 1. I hope this works out for you! Please leave links to your 3 column blog in the comments section :D IF you get stuck, let me know and I will try to help!

7 comment(s):

lostintheforest said...

I'm gonna have to try this....I was trying for hours yesterday to get 3 columns and failed :(

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glitterstar said...

Thanks for posting this. I've been trying to find a way to have 3 columns for awhile now.

WoodNVisions said...

I want to try this but not sure about it. When I change to 3 columns, do I have to redo everything on my blog? If I copy the first one is it going to look like your blog and then I have to change everything to refelect what I want. Sorry I sound so stupid!


KMCdesigns said...

Hi Diane,
if you copy & paste the code into your blog you will get 3 columns. I added my background after I used the code.
Save you template first, then paste the new code into your blog. If it doesn't look right, leave me a comment and I will give you some new code ;)
KMC xx

moonmystic said...

My blog is all messed up. I tried three colums and I sort of goo three columns. I want make the right column wider and get rid of the dead space on the left of the left column. And how do you get it so you can actually put stuff in the third column? I can't customize it? Can you help me, please?

Jen Segrest said...

yeah i was gonna do this but my template doesn't look enough like this...

KMCdesigns said...

jen, it looks like you'd have to replace all the code in your blog, thus giving you a new template :)
So that would be option 1