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Wednesday, 5 March 2008

Boredom strikes!

My Dad is a lovely, very funny man. By day he is a manager of 'people' and by night he plays in a band. He recently decided to have a week off work. One whole week to finish off the bathroom (which has been upside down for sometime) and generally relax.

I really believe that some people should not be left alone. Especially when they have time to waste and some camera film to use up.

My dad is always telling people to tidy up, saying that 'everything has a home' and he doesn't understand why people need so much of the same thing. He is a 'you only ever need 3 pairs of shoes' kind of guy. 1 pair of general shoes, 1 pair of smart shoes and 1 pair of slippers. He lives with 2 women; my Mam and my sister (and me some of the time). While he was off work for that whole week, this is what he did; (please feel free to click on each image to get the full effect)

He was so proud of himself when he showed me the photos :D

13 comment(s):

Nutty Knitter said...

Your dad sounds fab!! :o)

debsmuddle said...

Ha ha I think I could get on with your Dad

Jennifer Rose said...

I only have 3 pairs of shoes, hiking boots and 2 pairs of slippers (well ok I have 3 other pairs of wedge shoes but don't ever wear them because I can hardly walk in them, just bought them because they were pretty,..and technically free :p)

that is a lot of bathroom stuff! did he get the bathroom finished after taking photos?

Sneddonia said...

I have about as much in my bathroom :)

Your Dad is a bit crazy though :D

KMCdesigns said...

the bathroom is still not finished!!

Deb said...

nice carpet.
And rubber duckie.

Siansburys said...

Your dad is quite special isn't he? In a good way of course. I'd love to introduce you all to my dad but where to start?? lol x

miss leslieanne said...

hahaha! your dad sounds brilliant - love those photos :D

also, i just added you to my links list - could have sworn you were already there, but eveidently not - shocking!! :D x

Nutty Knitter said...

Here is my list of shoes:

1 pair of Doc Martens shoes(from the charity shop)
1 pair of black boots (also from the charity shop)
1 pair of old army boots for rambling (given to me by my M-I-L, probably from some army surplus store)
1 pair of Birkenstock sandals (birthday prezzie)
2 pairs of running shoes

Rosebud Collection said...

Sounds like you all enjoy each other.
Good for you..

machi said...

hahaha! that is very funny, i like your dad's sense of humour!!

nicoleleeartistry said...

BahFAWH!!! That was funny! I love it! Thanks for sharing.

Nicki MacRae said...

That bathroom pic made me laugh out loud!