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Tuesday, 19 February 2008

So, this is Wally

Wally is a very adventurous little wallet. He is a lot smaller than his older brothers and sisters, but he is a tough little cookie! Many etsians are convinced that I am evil, and take pleasure in hurting little Wally. This is simply not the case. I made Wally with slightly less care and attention in comparison to my other wallets as he was not to be sold, or admired or loved. I did not realise how big a personality such a small wallet could have and he has turned out to be the most outgoing of all wallets. He is an adrenalin junkie and I help him push himself to the limit. Everyday he is dying to get out there and do something new. So far in his little life he has;

  • been used as a wallet
  • been used as a football
  • been slammed in a car door
  • been ran over
  • used as an ash tray
  • hit with a sword
  • been mauled by a hamster
  • been hung out of a window for 4 days
  • been frozen in ice and then hit with a hammer
  • been shrink wrapped
  • had a wash in the shower
  • had a wash in the dishwasher
  • had a very thorough clean in the washing machine
  • been attacked by a hair-dryer
  • had a piercing
  • been buried 1 foot under ground (and snow) for 1 week
There are still things on his list and I will do my best to help him accomplish his dreams! If you have any ideas on what Wally might like to try, please let me know.
More photos of Wally can be seen here

11 comment(s):

Sian said...

LOL you are EEeeeee-Vil

Siansburys said...

ooh weird I have 2 blogger accounts, lol
anyway I think you are evil too ;D

KMCdesigns said...

Sian and siansburys, I'm not evil, Wally loves his life :D

Jennifer Rose said...

poor Wally is looking a little rough :(

Abi B said...

I am so pleased i suggested the name wally. it suits him.

poor wally.

Sneddonia said...

No wonder he looks so sad! Poor Wally.

Well done on the three columns, btw :D

Maisy Brown said...

What a hoot! I love this blog! Now I have to come up with some wacky new dare-devil stunts to challenge Wally with...and yes, he *is* looking a little worse for wear - but hey, that was some wear!

KiTTYPiNKSTaRS said...

What doesn't kill you wally...Makes you STRONGER!!! AAAGh run away from the wallet!! :)

Beth said...

Hi KMC. Love your blog and your wallets.

pouch said...

he's a tough cookie is Wally :)

KMCdesigns said...

Thanks for your comments everyone!! Wally is fine, he just looks a little sad (mostly because I used an indestructible pen which doesn't come off!).
He has some awesome new adventures lined up, and I will post some news & pics as soon as he is done!