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Friday, 22 February 2008

Meet the smelly boys

As many of you know, I live with 6 smelly boys. Yes, 6 of them. None of you know who they are, or why I live with them. So, I thought I would introduce you to some of them!

First up, is Adam. Adam is my favourite, he is my boyfriend and I love him lots :) he is also the reason why I live with the other 5 smelly boys! Adam is in his final year at university and is studying computer games programming. Adam and I have no sleeping pattern, and seem to spend a lot of time going to Tesco.

The second smelly boy is another Adam, and he goes by the name of Schnoo. Schnoo is also at uni and doing some kind of animation thingy. He likes to run round the house making funny noises and usually says ‘Pomplemoose’.

Third on the list is Ben. Ben did some forensic crime scene thingy at uni and is the only smelly boy with a full time job. Ben likes climbing, kayaking and playing WoW. Ben often joins us on our late night trips to Tesco.

Lee is the fourth smelly boy who I am going to introduce, he is at uni, doing some sort of degree and also works in a shop in town. Lee loves retro games and old consoles and spends a lot of time playing games in his room.

There are of course two more smelly boys and they live in the attic, and I don’t know much about them so we’ll leave it at that!

5 comment(s):

Siansburys said...

LOL thanks for the informative post. I am liking the Schnoo Adam the best because I too was once obsessed with the word 'Pamplemousse' which is almost the same as 'Pomplemoose' and may even be the same word but spelt differently. Anyway its french for grapefruit. In fact I think I used it as part of one of my aliases (why I had aliases I am not sure)... Oh and he is wearing a a System of a Down t-shirt and has interesting hair.

KMCdesigns said...

Pamplemousse you say?
His hair is always a mess, this is the only photo of him with nice hair, I'm the only one who brushes it and I haven't do his hair since last year!

Siansburys said...

p.s your blog is the best of all blogs

Jennifer Rose said...

I used to have my hair cut like the second Adam. I like first Adams hat :)

hippyofdoom said...

I think Adams are the best. Schnoo looks like Dave Navarro, and your Adam has hats like Robert Rodriguez. If they were combined you would have a dangerous smelly boy overlord.

Love your new featured seller! (almost typed smeller!)