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Friday, 4 March 2011

Back at uni

Well I am back at uni once again. Now I live in a cute little bungalow near Penrith. I have two awesome housemates and a new hobby!! Of course my new hobby is as death defying as all of my other hobbies, it is of course, downhill mountain biking. SO much fun!!

Me (left) and my housemate on Sharp Edge on Blencathera

Me riding my bike through the snow on my first C2C attempt!
Summer was LONG and I did not like working at camp very much, so I won't be going back there this year, although they did invite me back, which was nice :) This year I hope to work closer to home!
My second year at uni is going well, I don't seem to have failed anything and I am having lots of fun. There was a 4 month delay in getting the internet, but I got there in the end!!

I will try to update my blog again soon :) Oh but I am back on twitter!! You'll find me as KMCdesigns surprisingly!

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behindtheshoes said...

Welcome back :) Rachelle Xxx