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Saturday, 13 December 2008

Eye training

I decided that I wanted some new glasses, and my friend TheCyclingArtist showed me a website where you can upload your prescription, pick some glasses and they send them out to you! So I found the perfect pair, and made an appointment to get my eyes tested!
Well, at my eye sight test, I was told that my prescription has changed, and one of my eyes has got weaker! Instead of me getting new glasses, I have to go to the hospital to see a specialist! At the hospital, one of 4 things will be decided;

  • Do nothing, but get new glasses
  • Have eye physiotherapy
  • Get new glasses with prisms in them
  • Have my right eye taken out and operated on. (They would put it back in again!)
I have decided to do my own 'eye training' to prevent me having to have it taken out!So here I am, reading my favourite book from my bestest friend! Do you think it will work?!

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Tina Mammoser said...

ooh wow, scary! My astigmatism keeps getting worse but at least my actual eye strength has stabilized. What's the technical term for your problem? if you don't mind me asking. And do you get the cool photo of your retina? Every few years I pay for it, mainly because it's just too cool. ;)

Tina Mammoser said...

PS. Cute frames! Hope you can find 'em again when you're ready and fixed.

KMCdesigns said...

I think the technical term would have to be 'lazy eye'! Nothing fancy! I've had them taken out before, but I was really ickle. I hope I get a cool photo of it! That sounds good! All they do is pop my eye out and move the muscles around a bit, then put it back in! Nice huh?

And yes, I hope those glasses are still available when I'm all sorted!

Jennifer Rose said...

o.0 remove your eye o.0 My sister had bad lazy eye when she was a kid but no one ever wanted to take it out. The patch might work, I know one helped my mom when she was a kid, so it might help you.

KMCdesigns said...

I hope they don't have to take it out too Jennifer, hopefully with some good training I should be ok :)

Strawberry Anarchy said...

my goodness! that is so scary they would take your eye out! i never even knew they could do that! good on you for doing your own eye training! i hope it works out o.k x

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