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Friday, 18 April 2008

It's almost 2am

It has been a good day today (apart from the rain!). First, I found out that I was featured in a storque article which was great, and then I found out I was in the etsy finds email, super great!! I sold 2 items and got a custom order for a union jack duct tape wallet. So, I got making :) I also went back to the haberdashery, and despite the fact that they are closing down, they have got new stock. So I bought some cover buttons. As you do. I had no idea what to do with them, so covered one in duct tape (as you do). It looked good, and I had a fabaroo idea about how to use them. Go team KMC :D When I finished making the union jack wallet, I had some bits of red white and blue left over, and decided to see just how small I could make a union jack. I am so happy with the result!!
How cute is this?!?

4 comment(s):

Jennifer Rose said...

very cute :D

Art said...

You do amazing work. Perhaps when I have some extra money, I'll put in an order.

KMCdesigns said...

Thanks art :D

Vintage Vacations said...

let me know when you list those buttons!!!!