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Saturday, 15 March 2008


I found something today. Finding it will not change my life in anyway, and I already knew it existed in some places. But it actually really does exist. and I am shocked. SHOCKED I tell you!
What am I babbling about? Clipboard. I have seen a few threads where people have said 'I copied something to my clipboard, and now I can't find my clipboard'. You don't *need* to find your clipboard, it's really not important at all. Of course, even with my discovery, people will still get confused. How do you copy something to your clipboard? Press 'Ctrl' and 'C'. Simple. Now, whatever you had highlighted will be copied to your clipboard. Same if you press 'Prnt Scrn'. Of course, you can only have one thing on your clipboard at a time. And you can't really do anything with it, until you open a new tab, window, word doc, paint programme etc. and press 'Crtl' and 'V' (or right click and select 'Paste') .

So, what can the world learn from knowing this? Well, nothing really. Do you want to see your clipboard in action? Of course you do! Find it here;
Simple. Oh, also, don't go changing anything in 'system32' it's ok to open the clipboard, but don't mess with anything else ;)

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Jen Lewis said...

Hurrah for clipboard! I have tagged you!

Rules of tagging:
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Jen x

decadentdiamond said...

Oh interesting.. but, I never ever use it!

.. thanks for stopping by my blog. I laughed because you found yourself on an entry I did AGES ago!!
(If I wasn't so new at blogging at the time I would've told you!)