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Wednesday, 7 November 2012

One last sale

A lot has happened. I mean a LOT. I have finished my degree, got a full time job, worked for my whole contract, and now my job is finished.

So what next? Well, I am getting older, and I thought it might be time to consider settling down, you know, house and kids and all that jazz. Then I thought no, there are still things I want to do before I commit myself to one location. So, before I knew it, I had applied for a working holiday visa for Australia, and got myself somewhere to stay when I get there too.

WHAT DOES THIS ALL MEAN? Well, I have a one way ticket, so I am selling off a load of stuff both on Ebay and I have greatly reduced all of my items on Etsy, so please go and have a look! Everything has to go by the end of Novemeber!! So, happy shopping and also if you have any travel tips for when I leave, please feel free to share them with me!!

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behindtheshoes said...

So proud of you for following your dreams,miss you everyday love you

Rachelle Xxx