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Monday, 7 April 2008


Middlesbroughs haberdashery is closing down, so I went to have a look at their sale :D I wanted more buttons, and although they had many, I decided to get some beads and ribbon instead!

Ain't they pretty? I got the buttons from the corner shop and all the rest from Binns :D
So as soon as I got back from my haberdashery mission, I started making! So far I have used 100 beads and my stash doesn't look any different! More making coming soon :D
Yellow bead and duct tape purse is available here.

5 comment(s):

Helen said...

Very pretty! That's a great haberdashery haul too!

Jennifer Rose said...

Very pretty beads and buttons to have bought :)

Nice brightly coloured purse :D

KMCdesigns said...

thank you for your comments :D I might have to go back today!

nicoleleeartistry said...

Fun! I like how you incorporated the beads. I think it would look neat to see one with buttons on the inside, but also on the outside - perhaps the same with the beads?

KMCdesigns said...

Nicole, wait and see :D